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Come in and enjoy casual dining or a more elegant option. At El Ceviche De Waldito – Latin American Cuisine, having choices is a great thing, and we’re happy to give you the opportunity to have the kind of dining experience you’re looking for.

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“My birthday party was such a great experience! I can’t thank you enough for paying attention to all the little things that really made it special for me. I’m looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays with you.”


“The dinner I had last week was excellent – and the chef is so polite and fun. The food was cooked perfectly, and I really felt like I had a home-cooked meal. Most restaurants don’t put that much focus on giving customers what they really want.”


“We came here for my wife’s birthday after the restaurant we had planned to eat at lost our reservation. We’re so glad it worked out that way! We had a great meal, and chef Waldo was committed to making sure it was a memorable occasion. We’ll definitely be back!”